Entrepreneurs reaction to Margaret Thatcher's death

Alan Sugar

"Baroness Thatcher in the 80's kicked started the entrepreneurial revolution that allowed chirpy chappies to succeed and not just the elite."

Richard Branson

"I met Margaret Thatcher quite a few times during her time in government, and she was a great advocate of competition. She pushed for Virgin Atlantic to be allowed to fly from Heathrow in competition with British Airways, despite herself being quite a champion of British Airways at that stage. She allowed Malcolm Rifkind to let us get up and fly and I think if that hadn't happened, I don't think we'd be around today."

Michael Oliver, principal of Oliver Dental Studio

"Thatcher brought in tax cutting policies that allowed me to expand my business. I really respect her for backing people who are willing to work hard in the United Kingdom. The growth stimulation in my early days really came on the back of the Thatcher government policies."

Deborah Leary, president of British Assoc of Women Entrepreneurs

"The scheme helped me start up a small business. I was given a six weeks business course and it meant I could start my business off with a small amount of money coming to me. She made it possible to achieve building a business."

Charlotte Phillips, director of Babycalm

"As a teenage girl she made me see no limits (when there were!) and Thatcherism inspired my boundless approach to entrepreneurism."

Charlie Mullins, founder of Pimlico Plumbers

"Starting my business in the year Thatcher became Prime Minister was a direct result of her passion for private enterprise. It was down to her and her ambitions for the UK economy that I became my own boss and launched Pimlico Plumbers. Mrs Thatcher would undoubtedly make a good Prime Minister today. She didn't sit on the fence, she wasn't afraid to tell anyone, even world leaders, what she thought."

Pimlico Plumbers is going to pay tribute to Mrs Thatcher by having its 230-strong workforce wear black armbands and display a tribute in the windows of its fleet of 150 vehicles up until seven days after the funeral as a sign of respect.

Mark Abrahams, founder of Gigglz

"Margaret Thatcher has had an everlasting impact on entrepreneurs as she was the one of the first to encourage people to go out and start businesses and there was no shame or embarrassment in making a financial success.  People had confidence to start their own business which they had not considered doing under the previous government, she created an environment where capitalism was encouraged and respected."

Tom Packer, CEO & founder of MyDeals.com

"While she may not have been the most popular person among some communities, I think Baroness Thatcher will be thought of highly by entrepreneurs both current and future for the doors she opened which boosted self employment and entrepreneurship."

Mark Pearson, founder of MyVoucherCodes.co.uk

"There is no doubt about it, she energised the UK economy and helped give us the entrepreneurial platform on which many of us in this country now operate. Her policies paved the way for individuals to not only start their own companies but to also help them trade around the globe. She was a true innovator and a fantastic example of a leader who would stick to her guns to get the job done, something we need more of in today's fast-paced-kneejerk-reaction world."

Dave Chaplin, CEO and founder of ContractorCalculator

"As one of the so-called Thatcher's children I recall having my milk taken away, the introduction of the poll tax as a student and also the yuppie culture that grew in the '80s under her regime. She was vocal in her promotion of small business and people who wanted to get ahead, aspiring many to start their own businesses and better themselves. By curbing the unions and reducing red tape and taxes she lit the touch paper for our entrepreneurial boom. We need another Thatcher right now."

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