Five lessons from the Facebook drop off: How to keep your customers engaged!

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Facebook boomed when the world decided MySpace wasn't interesting anymore. Now, there's a stream of social media sites waiting to pick up anyone who's grown tired of the Facebook brand.

Your business has to know who's vying for its customers. You can't let your competitors do anything cooler than you. Don't let them get space in your customers' thoughts that should be reserved for your business.

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Expansion is great. Businesses like yours and Facebook shouldn't be held to one country. Global growth means the site can survive the drop off in its home market members but it would be better to grow in both markets.

If you're taking your business across borders, make sure your original audience is brought along for the ride. Tell them of how the expansion is going to keep them involved. On top of this, match any promotions made to new markets at home to keep everyone smiling.

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The user reaction that follows every Facebook layout change resembles the reaction to a Suarez ban. A lot of people are left bemused and, while some may like the decision, few understand why it happened.

Don't fall into this trap. Stay in touch with your customers and use them as much as possible. Get their opinions of your products, website or even staff and use them to help make decisions. Grow with your customers, not against them.

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Facebook users in the UK may be running away daily, but Facebook still presents a huge opportunity for your band. Having a Facebook account isn't enough though. You have to make sure what you're putting out on Facebook, Twitter and through mail outs is engaging people.

Grow your audience as much as possible and flood it with people who will reply to what you say. Surveys and relevant discussions are a great way of getting people talking about your brand.

5 Facebook

It isn't enough to get people talking on Facebook. Sometimes, there's nothing better than bringing your customers together in a real community.

If you have a space customers recognise already, this couldn't be easier! One off events or theme days will bring your audience together. But businesses without a base can do it too, just rent out an area and get a discussion related to your business going. See who turns up and make it grow from there.



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