Guest Blog: Shaa Wasmund asks 'is it possible to achieve more by thinking less?'

The book Clarity: Clear Mind, Better Performance, Bigger Results by Jamie Smart address this issue by assuming you already possess the qualities of a great entrepreneur, and that the only thing that ever gets in the way is an "industrial age misunderstanding" about how the mind works.

It's an interesting thought: the idea that you already have access to the strategic intuition of a Steve Jobs, or the "feel" for community of a Gary Vaynerchuk, or the marketing genius of a Seth Godin (who endorsed the book).

Smart uses an unusual mix of science, metaphors, stories, reality-checks and pop-culture references to help the reader gain more clarity. Smart references eight core drivers that he believes give rise to entrepreneurial success: clarity, direction, intuition, connection, innovation, authenticity, resilience and presence.


I really enjoyed this book as it looked at things from a different perspective yet was very easy to read and not laden with 'psycho babble'. It also picks up on the core theme of my book, Stop Talking, Start Doing and encourages the reader to take action even when they don't feel motivated.

Bottom line? It looks like it actually might be possible to achieve more by thinking less and anything that helps give clarity in such a crowded world is worth a read! To order you copy, go to:

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