Hiring-Hub.com achieves triple figure growth with the help of a Smarta 100 award

"Investors weren't going to turn down a meeting with a company that won 15 awards in two years," co-founder Simon Swan said. "It opened up doors for us."

And investment was more than necessary. Hiring-Hub.com has always grown organically, but with Swan working with co-founder Sara Jones to cover every aspect of the business, it was impossible for them to offer the personal account management it wanted to be known for.

"We were restricted by a lack of resources," Swan explained. "The two of us were doing accounts, marketing, sales, networking, we were doing the customer service emails at 11 o'clock at night. We're an online business but the real value comes from account management. That was the area we couldn't focus on enough without a bigger team."

They needed more staff, and for that, they needed more funding.

Getting the funding and team for growth

"One thing we did completely right was build the software first," Swan commented on how Hiring-Hub.com grabbed £500,000 in funding, "By the time we were looking for investment, we had clients and were making money.  The investment came from a private equity firm. They put the structure in place for us to get on and grow the business."

Swan went on to highlight that finding the right investors, with the right knowledge and right attitude was as crucial to Hiring-Hub.com as securing the investment itself. "We went a long way with some offers but they just didn't feel right. With the private equity we went with, it's about enabling people to do what they want. They can be as hands on or hands off as you want."

But for Swan, it all comes back to the publicity that winning awards like Smarta 100 gave Hiring-Hub.com in the early days. "It was a seal of approval and showed we were doing something disruptive. That led to generating investment, which led to our growth."

We've seen Smarta 100 winners really excelling lately and are so proud to hear about brands like Hiring-Hub achieving the growth they deserve. Hopefully this year's set of winners will make even more of an impact.

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