How to quit your job and follow the entrepreneur dream in style via Mr Cake

Tired of working for someone else, Border Froce employee Chris Holmes decided shove the coporate world (and its protocal of resignation letters) by sending his boss his resignation written in icing on one of his own handmade cakes.

Holmes has decided to focus full-time on his passion and business, 'Mr Cake', following the birth of his son and managed to generate an awesome amount of press coverage by producing the cake below.

Mr Cake Blog

His brother-in-law tweeted the picture and, from there, everyone started to talk about Mr Cake.

This type of genius marketing and business drive is exactly what entrepreneurs need to succeed and Holmes is enjoying his busiest days in Mr Cake's history.

The power of going viral

Mr Cake's Twitter account has been full of entrepreneurs and bakery lovers singing its praises and making orders.

The interest was so intense that the business' website crashed and Holmes has been pushed to expand rapidly.

With requests coming in from abroad, Mr Cake tweeted "Sorry, I deliver all cakes by hand at the mo. Italy's a bit out of my range!!" It didn't stop there either. Holmes had to apologise again when requests were made from Sweden.

If you need any inspiration to start up your business, or how to get people talking about it, Chris Holmes should be just that.

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