#O2SmartaBiz winner: Junior's Pantry

Juniors Pantry

Proposition - One sentence explanation of what your business is

We make wholesome tasty one pot meals for children aged 4+.

Why are you a smart business?

We identified a gap in the market. There were plenty of toddler meals available but nothing for children of a primary school age, we saw this gap, did our research, developed our recipes and produced a high quality, premium meal to help out busy mums on nights when they don't have time to cook from scratch.

What's the smartest thing you've done to help your business grow?

Finding an advisor and mentor who knew the supermarkets from the inside. It was a world I knew nothing about and her knowledge and expertise has stopped me from making some critical errors.I wouldn't have got the listing on Ocado or with Waitrose without her advice and guidance.

What smart things do you do for your customers?

We make life a little bit easier for our busy mum's.Until you have a child of a primary school age you have no concept of how busy they are with homework, football club, dance classes, gymnastics, brownies, cubs, the list really is endless.They still need to be in bed at a sensible time and some nights there just isn't time to cook a healthy meal from scratch.We give mums a guilt free alternative on those busy nights that they know is wholesome, contains vegetables and has been designed specifically for a child's tastes.

What smart technologies do you use to run your business?

Like many people I would be lost without my iPhone, but living and working in a rural area has presented some major problems with internet access.We have had to install satellite broadband access to making working from a home office a viable option.

What's your smartest tip for other entrepreneurs?

Love what you do and be passionate about it, you need to be prepared to make sacrifices, (I'm actually writing this at 10.30pm on Saturday night) but if you believe in what you're doing you'll be prepared to do this. If you're not prepared to go that extra mile or give up evenings out with friends or holidays then it's probably best to stay in the 9 - 5.


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