Smarta 100 winner, MediaDevil, becomes the first seller to be featured on Amazon’s homepage

This is not a common occurrence. In fact, no seller had achieved this before MediaDevil and owner Callum Bush did.

"We're the best-selling and highest rated screen protector brand on Amazon UK and Amazon Italy," Callum highlighted when asked what led to the feature article. "Amazon rightly sees our company as a perfect example of how you can build a successful business with the aid of their seller Marketplace."

MediaDevil was built on a premise of great customer service and high visibility, two things which led to one of its products taking fourth place in Amazon UK's 2011 index of "Most 5 Star Rated Products".

It was exactly these qualities which helped MediaDevil land a place amongst the Smarta 100 winners in 2012 and we couldn't be happier that Callum and his company have continued to reign in success.

Could the Amazon Marketplace help you achieve your dream? It's certainly one of the most low cost ways to start a business.

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