How to grow your business by helping charities

As Petrov wore the number 19 shirt, during the 19th minute of the match, fans will don the masks to celebrate the midfielder who has had to retire due to an ongoing battle with Leukaemia. Mask-arade have organised the event, as well as selling more of the masks to raise funds for Cure Leukaemia.

"We've done this sort of thing before, particularly for West Brom supporters, as that's our team," Chris explained the company's ongoing efforts with multiple charities. "But this is much bigger than football rivalry. It's about supporting charity and a high profile player."

 "The press are all over it. There'll be plenty of photos in the local and national press. Match of the Day and Sky Sports should cover it. It's been like wildfire," he told us. "The company started by trailing this at a West Brom game and the press picked up on it, which gave us inspiration to launch the business."

What good can your business do

"More businesses should get involved with charity work. It raises your profile, especially if it's a visual product," says Chris. "Take a look around. There are plenty of charities out there that need supporting. They're very keen for businesses to get involved. If you can choose a charity that's related to your product, get involved because it's not all about giving away your profits, it's about raising your profile as well."

Due to this stunt, come this Sunday, Mask-arade will sit alongside the race for the Champion's League as the most exciting story on the last weekend of Premiership action. A true example of doing well by doing good.

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