Kevin Keegan: Football's entrepreneur

Clearly, walls helped turn Keegan into a star in the 70s, but the prestigious Liverpool player believed there was a lot of room for improvement. As a result, Sokka takes the role of a wall but offers computerised scores, tips and games to hone future talent.

The technology spent years in development, first finalising its game modes, which include Block It, Pass and Receive, and On the Spot, and then making the panels transportable to help teams on the move.

Another big difference between a wall and Sokka is the price tag. We can think of few walls which will put you back £99,000, but that's what Keegan is selling his product for.

Reinventing the wall

With the footballer and investors plugging years into the product, they are obviously confident of the world's desire for a wall that can do more than give the ball back to you.

 "I have never been scared to do something new," Keegan said.  "I did the adverts, I did the record, I moved abroad, I have always been one of those people who say, 'Why not?' rather than 'Why?'"

He says that, despite the technology's price tag, interest has been strong from across the world. We look forward to hearing whether Sokka emerges as a part of football's future but are already proud to add Kevin Keegan to the leagues of entrepreneurs taking something simple and making it a whole lot better!

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