SEO Case Study: How to create content so good that people want to share it

The fact is that the SEO industry has had an easy ride pre-Penguin ('98-'12) simply because Google's algorithm did not match up to Google's ambitions. It was easy for SEO companies to build links to your site (whilst you paid a monthly retainer) from their own network of blogs, and achieve higher rankings for their clients. It was "white man's magic" and it worked. Why wouldn't they do this?

Those days are well and truly history. Nowadays it's all about building "authority" for your website and one of the smartest ways of doing this is producing content that's so good other people will want to share it socially and, even better, publish it themselves and link to it (still the elixir of Google, but no longer cheatable).

But how do you do this?

Rather than talk a load of hyperbole and theory, in this exclusive training video for, Mark Attwood shows you a real case study of one strategy that will give you a ton of insights into how to achieve this for your business

Mark has been working online since 1998. He is the founder of a number of successful online businesses, including Topskips.comPAL Hire, Attwood Digital Marketing Agency. He has been teaching thousands of small business entrepreneurs how to market themselves better online via workshops, seminars and his Digital Marketing Training Ground.

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