Starting a business in Britain, what makes it great?

What makes Britain a great place to start a business?

Britain is a great place to start a business because barriers to starting up are low and continue to fall.

The government tax initiatives are small business friendly. There are several incentives and financial schemes in place to make the first year easy for entrepreneurs. An increasing number of incubator organisations like seed camp and springboard are also helping to create an encouraging environment.

UK Trade and Investment are being very supportive in hosting events to help start-ups and guiding them with both national and international growth.

What needs to change in Britain to make more entrepreneurs?

We are about to reach a tipping point inside next 12 to 18 months where the entrepreneur movement will gain huge momentum thanks to the aspects that make Britain a great place to start a business. Successful exits will accelerate the investment cycle and more investors will be taking a risk in this market.

How is Britain viewed globally as a home for business?

Britain is considered a business-friendly country and is perceived to be very tolerant. The UK maintains the highest standards of scientific research, innovation and education and this gives it a strong correlation for positive business opportunities.

How has Blippar become a leading figure in British business?

We are clear with our vision but flexible with the journey. That flexibility has given us the edge to be adaptive and invent the category of augmented reality as a business to customer platform.

We have hired well. We are a people focused business and don't just solely believe in the power of intellect. Members of the Blippar team are ready to roll up their sleeves with me. We listen to our users and clients and constantly improve the product. Also having a delusional passion of making 'blipp' a verb has worked for us.

Has being British helped Blippar expand into international markets?

Having a good product is the most important criteria for international expansion. Being British has helped as it means we get assistance from government bodies like UKTI with creating international awareness. Great products go beyond national boundaries. 

What advice would you give to someone starting a business in Britain?

My advice would be to attend a few business lead events and get feedback on your idea. Speak to government bodies to be aware of all relevant programmes that help business start-ups. Stay true to your idea and try not to let financial gain be your only motivation.

What do you feel you right while starting up?

When we started Blippar, there was no history of the similar product or business model in the market. The right thing I did was to create the best initial start-up team of brilliant co-founders, together; we had the right balance of instincts and good advice.

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