The Apprentice preview: Smarta’s guess at who will take home Lord Sugar’s £250,000

Not to be ignored

Jason Leech

Having never been employed at the age of 29, Jason has spent more time as a student than any other candidate. He freely admits he's coming in with no "game plan", instead relying on his "effortless superiority" to take him all the way.

With that kind of attitude, we're expecting arguments, blame games and entertainment, but can't be sure he'll get past half way without a plan.

Natalie Panayi

Listing your dad as your business inspiration may sound like a cry for the pity vote, but Natalie thinks she can emulate her father's strong work ethic as he built a business up from nothing. As a trained Jazz singer and qualified makeup artist, she has the kind of varied background that could see her excelling in a few tasks, but with no experience as an entrepreneur she's not at the top of our books.

She also lists her worst trait as a habit to interrupt people. Expect that to get annoying.

Zeeshaan Shah

Playing the connections card is a risky game, but that's what Zeeshaan believes is his greatest strength. On top of that, He describes himself as a "great of his generation". However, Zeeshaan admits he can't do something if his heart isn't in it. Will he go out in a task he can't get hyped up for? We think so, but he'll last long enough to insult everyone first.

Look out for some sparks between him and Jason.

Front Runners

Sophie Lau

A student who started up her own restaurant while studying, Sophie has a proven ability to get a business going in difficult circumstances. With a passion for food and experience, we expect her to excel on a lot of tasks. But with all her expertise in food, could she get caught unaware by a new challenge?

We think she'll be around close to the finish line.

Jordan Poulton

Jordan sold his family's litter of kittens in the playground at the age of six. If that's not the inspired kind of mind set Lord Sugar loves, we don't know what is. We certainly expect him to flourish under the pressure of the challenges. But, as the only candidate not lauding his confidence or determination, could he get lost amongst bigger personalities?

Late on, we predict a failed task getting blamed on Jordan.

Tim Stillwell

The judging panel have shown a taste for food entrepreneurs this year with Tim following Sophie's example of launching his catering business while studying. Tim puts himself above others by listing that rare quality, teamwork, amongst his skills. He also has wider experience to draw upon than a lot of the competition, but does admit to lacking focus.

We expect him to be around at the end, but maybe falter at the last hurdle.

Kurt Wilson

Kurt is a natural born "alpha male", according to him. He started up his own smoothie business and dealt with many setbacks, but how will he fit into a room full of fierce personalities? We think his attitude and proven track record might make him a favourite of Lord Sugar who comes into his own in the final few weeks when his experience will become more important than his personality.

However, we're expecting to see Kurt lose at the last moment at the hands of our chosen winner, due to her calm nature and varied experience.

Smarta's winner

Uzma Yakoob

Uzma believes her spiritual nature can help her avoid the aggression of Lord Sugar, but we're more interested to see what her experience as a social entrepreneur can bring to the show. Nominated for an Asian Woman of Achievement Award, Uzma is used to being judged and Smarta are putting their money on her for a winning result.

Of course, if she's been fired by this time tomorrow, don't blame us.


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