The Apprentice review: A bitter arguing

The candidates were awoken by Luisa's screeching, and for once we were sympathetic for the lot of them. Assembled in a pub, they learnt that their task would be to invent a new flavoured beer, manufacture it and sell it to the public.

Given his experience in drink manufacturing, Tim joined the girls on team Evolve as their Project Manager, and sized up against Kurt on the boy's side, Endeavour. For the second week in a row, neither leader managed to stamp any authority, with Zeeshaan and Rebecca producing the loudest voices.

Endeavour skipped deciding on a flavour to argue about whether "Cautious Kurt" was undervaluing Zeeshaan by putting him on the manufacturing team.

Luckily for them, things didn't start off any better for Evolve. Their first attempt at making a keg went downhill when head mathematician Francesca messed up her numbers and left the beer undrinkable.

Once both flavours had been decided, a couple minutes were devoted to branding, an aspect of the products which seemed to bear almost no impact on sales or Lord Sugar's judgment. If there was one point to pull out in this episode which separated the show from the real life business experience, it was this.

Showing off some entrepreneurial skills

However, on the whole, the task was a far better test of the candidate's entrepreneurial skills than the first episode's purely sales nature. Going through the stages of creating and selling a product gave a much stronger insight of who could survive in a small business and who would flounder.

It also showed us which candidates are not going to become friends. As Uzma tried to stamp her mark on the task and not be pushed into the background again, she clashed with Rebecca. Meanwhile, as we predicted, Zeeshaan and Jason found it hard to get along with each other, especially when Jason bizarrely reduced the price on a done deal.

After the boys had taken a commanding position with their chocolate orange beer thanks to Francesca's miscalculation, the power seemed to switch during the sales as Evolve's rhubarb caramel option went down well. Zeeshaan and his sub team even managed to forget to take samples when trying to pass kegs onto pubs.

However, a strong (and cheap) finish by Endeavour saw them pull out more the twice the profit of the girls. The boys then headed to Belgium for an undeserved celebration and we were given a quick montage of their trip. There was a quick reminder of the ever present fear that is Alex. He managed to make a perfectly innocent coat look nightmarish.

With Tim left to choose who to bring back into the boardroom, he ignored the silent Sophie (which isn't hard to do) and the screeching Luisa (which we all wish we could do). In the end, the miscalculating Fran and Rebecca, whose faults included looking for fights with every female in touching distance, joined their Project Manager in the boardroom.

Lord Sugar made it clear that Rebecca's attitude was not going to help her in The Apprentice, but didn't see fit to fire her. Instead, Tim took the blame for his team's inability to sell and received the point and two words that sent him home.

Cut to everyone at home insulting the three who stayed behind followed by fake celebrations when everybody realised Rebecca was still around.

Villain of the Week - Rebecca

She wouldn't stop picking fights and rejected Uzma's attempts at reconciliation, leading her team to turn against her. We're sure she'll be fun to watch, but wouldn't like to be her business partner. Anyone who has to tell people how professional they are that much, clearly is not. And we're not just choosing her because she insulted our winner.

Hero of the Week - Tim

It may seem counterintuitive to pick the fired candidate as our hero, but in our eye's, Tim is leaving the Apprentice with his reputation and image intact. That's a feat worth celebrating. Although, we think the drinks industry may not be the place for him.

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