The Apprentice review: Uzma Yakoob is our villain of the week

Once Lord Sugar had dragged the remaining 13 hopeful candidates out to east London, he revealed their challenge would be to source local produce and sell it in high street shops the next day. Given the girls' inability to make a positive impression on the show so far, the teams were mixed up before being sent off on their tasks.

Next came the usual demands at who should be project manager. However, this part of the show was brightened up by the brilliantly awkward moment of Rebecca putting herself forward and being met with a nervous silence and sideways glances.

Once her team had chosen Luisa instead, we got our glimpses at the usual shenanigans of the team's search for products and arguing over budgets. This time, at least there was some livestock to brighten up the occasion.

The task was won by two key battles, buffalo vs. milkshake and who could sell better. Other than Myles, no one really seemed to excel with the latter. It was Jordan's decision to go with high end buffalo that won the profit race against Kurt's milkshakes. But, if you had been watching the show, you would have had no idea that was going to happen.

The whole episode tried hard to convince you Endeavour and their milkshakes were outselling everything, just for the one moment of surprise when Evolve were revealed as the winners. Still, with project manager Neil, Kurt and Uzma coming back into the boardroom, at least we got the thrill of wondering if our predicted winner would take the early exit she deserved.

In the boardroom

And she did. In the end, it was thoroughly deserved. Neil may have resembled a 1800s European dictator in his leadership and Kurt may have made a mess of his milkshakes, and his chances of impressing Lord Sugar with his business idea, but Uzma was always going to get the chop after her performances so far.

Villain of the week - Uzma Yakoob

We had such high hopes for Uzma. All her experience and promises of a calm nature ended up being big claims with little backing as she failed to win in her own industry, failed to make friends and failed to convince Lord Sugar she deserved another chance. After three appearances in the bottom three, it's finally time to say goodbye to Smarta's choice.

Hero of the week - Jason Leech

Ok, he didn't do anything spectacular, or anything at all for that matter, but is there anyone more fun to watch? Whether it's grating cheese, fumbling with Rebecca's apron or trying to avoid being told off, Jason is adorable. He's unlikely to win Lord Sugar's favour with the way he's acting, but we love the touch of joyful immaturity he's bringing to the show.

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