What did the Queen’s speech say for small businesses?

The National Insurance Contributions Bill

Announced in the budget, the bill introduces a £2,000 Employment Allowance for all businesses and charities in the hopes of boosting employment. This is huge news for a lot of small businesses around the country, especially start-ups looking to take on their first employees.

The Deregulation Bill

The coalition has lauded the importance of deregulation for years, but this bill is the first tangible evidence of their intentions being met by actions that will benefit small businesses. You can read more about the exact changes included in the bill here.

The Intellectual Property Bill

With some critics claiming patenting intellectual property is becoming an outdated idea, the Government is aiming to make the bill more relevant to modern businesses, reenergising the desire to protect intellectual property

The Consumer Bill of Rights

This is designed to tighten up consumer protection alongside the Consumer Rights Directive, which is being implemented with heavy influence from Europe. The latter creates a single consumer rights regime for online trade across national borders

HS2 railway line

Multiple bills were included to pave the way for development of the high speed rail line. This was used to signal the coalition's ongoing dedication to the idea, but did also put in place specifics for the line's route and timing of the construction.


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