Why start a business while working full-time

Readymade funding

If you're up to date with the stream of negative business voices out there, they'll tell you that securing funding is the hardest part of starting a business these days. But, if you have a regular salary landing in your bank account every month, you've got the funding for the early stages of your business sorted.

Don't forget: One day, you will leave your steady salary behind. Saving as much as possible while you know what's coming in will give you a safety net when leaving the nest of full time employment.

Up to date skills

Alan Sugar swears that every entrepreneur should work in whatever industry they're starting a business in. But the truth is, whether you're in the right sector or not, the skills you use every day at work will help you get your business going. Whether it's IT capabilities, organisation or networking, working life offers you opportunities every day to improve the skills you'll need as an entrepreneur.

Don't forget: While your day job is a great training place for skills, there will be aspects of starting a business that you'll never practice there. Your innovation, marketing and commitment will be tested every day in a way full time work won't have prepared you for. Use courses or Smarta 100 Academy events to help build up your confidence in the areas you haven't used recently.


Don't be secretive about your business. Tell everyone at work you're ideas and listen to their advice. And say yes to every favour you can to build up a team of people who will return the favours and sing your praises once your business starts.

Don't forget: It's important to understand where you work and what's acceptable there. Starting a business is an exciting time and you're going to want everyone to know what you're doing, but letting your boss know you're desperate to get out will only muddy the water. Once you've started a business, every relationship is crucial, don't forget that in your relationships at work.

The final push

If and when you do decide it's time to leave your day job behind, it will be the perfect motivation to put everything you've got into getting your business growing. Chances are, you'll have left because you need to invest your time in your business rather than that safe salary, and that thought should drive you to make the most of every minute you have to spend on your business.

Of course, there are other ways to boost your business by leaving your job, like Mr Cake, who generated incredible viral PR with his resignation in the icing of one of his homemade cakes.

Don't forget: Everything will change when you leave your day job. You won't have anyone setting your deadlines, your targets and your long term goals. You'll be setting those yourself and you'll need to get used to that quickly. Quitting your job isn't about giving yourself a holiday, it's about giving yourself the time to focus on making your business a success.

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