Smarta 100 alumni - what did Kigu do next?

What stage was your business at when you won Smarta 100?

When we won Smarta 100 we were a company that had been running for 2 full years with 2 employees and a £1m turnover.

Why did you enter the awards?

To be honest, the main reason I entered was because I wanted to win the £10,000 prize! But I also wanted the opportunity to celebrate our achievements to date, galvanise the team, raise our company profile, make some new connections and get some additional PR.

What was the experience like?

The experience was great. I didn’t really know much about the competition and was genuinely surprised when we got shortlisted for the 100. To win was just brilliant and I’m still thankful to everyone that voted for us – the power of social media!

How has your business benefited from being a part of Smarta 100?

I think winning the prize has given us a certain level of credibility in some circles. And it’s always nice to have a trophy in the office.

What has your business achieved since being named a Smarta 100 winner?

We’ve successfully launched our Kigu Kids range online and it’s about to go into John Lewis. We’ve expanded our adult retailers to include Urban Outfitters and ASOS. And we’re now working on a whole load of amazing new products.

What is your top tip for any company thinking of entering Smarta 100 this year?

If you’re hoping to win by getting votes, make sure you get some opinion leaders and influencers on your side early. Just getting one Twitter celebrity to vote for you can lead to hundreds more following suit.


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