Smarta 100 winner shows David Cameron the power of small business

Magic Whiteboard is a great example of what the Prime Minister wants small businesses to achieve.

“It was fantastic,” say’s founder of Magic Whiteboard, Neill Westwood . “Quite emotional actually. The Prime Minister was really interested in us, especially because we employ apprentices.”

“He spoke a lot about our exports too. Earlier, he said 20% of small businesses currently export, but if we could make that 25%, we would significantly reduce the deficit. Magic Whiteboard exports already but we are getting a lot more proactive about it.”

Cameron was very open about what his Government’s target is when it comes to business.

"This Government's mission can be simply stated” he said, “we are in the business of trying to turn our economy and our country around to give us the very best chance of succeeding in the huge global race that is taking place. If we're going to succeed and win in that race, it's small businesses that are going to enable us to do that."

He showed off his comical side too, joking that Business Secretary Vince Cable would be happy to receive guests' lists of "all the red tape you want cut." It’s great to see the Government getting to know Britain’s small businesses and showing off their potential.

Magic Whiteboard has seen huge growth since winning the Smarta 100 together with O2 and told us what is great about being named one of the country’s top small businesses.

“It was great publicity! You really get to know other companies as well. The awards are really good too.

To apply for the Smarta 100 together with O2 2103 awards, please click here.

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