#O2SmartaBiz winner: cloud.IQ


Proposition: One sentence explanation of what your business is

At cloud.IQ we provide cloud based remarketing Apps which give businesses of any size access to conversion tools previously only available to large businesses.

Why are you a smart business?

Today, we switch between channels and devices every other minute making it hugely challenging for a marketer to reach potential customers. It can sometimes feel like trying to pin jelly to a wall. This is the issue we fix, by making it easier for organisations to use channels like social media, text and email in an integrated way. Our apps enable businesses to talk to customers through their customers preferred channel of communication.  

Until now, the technology needed to address this issue has been too complex and costly for small and midsized businesses to adopt. But by offering simple to use Apps, deployed via the cloud we're able to offer multi-channel marketing for as little as £20 a month to all organisations.

What’s the smartest thing you’ve done to help your business grow?

The smartest thing we’ve done for the business also helped us win the #O2SmartaBiz Award this week – apply for and win £250,000 of funding from the Technology Strategy Board. This money has allowed us to develop an AppEditor – a web based tool that lets a non-technical person build, publish and monetise web apps which can integrate email, voice, web, social and mobile technologies into innovative services.

This accolade comes just a year after we were lucky enough to attract the attention of impact driven fund managers, Bridges Ventures. This initial investment of £2m back in 2012 allowed us to take our Apps, including a callMe back button and cartRecovery software to market and I would recommend anyone looking to grow a business to investigate funding options which complement the company’s core principles.

What smart things do you do for your customers

Any ecommerce business, including our customers can use our very smart and free cartAnalyser tool. This tool allows a business to see, in real time how much revenue is currently being lost to abandoned carts and at which point in the sale it’s happening. Based on this information a business will know whether it needs to remarket to customers via email or over the phone.

It’s also important that we make the customer experience simple. We offer a no-strings-attached free trial for a month and 24/7 customer support at our expense to make sure we’re available via a range of channels to iron out any niggles and answer questions.

What’s your smartest tip for other entrepreneurs?

Look after your first early adopter customers. If you can turn them in to fans they will be hugely useful in terms of spreading the word about the great work you do. Also, don’t feel you always need to invent something new from scratch. Often, tweaking something that already exists and making it simpler or better is a fast route to success.

Until around 1800, shoes were made without differentiation for the left or right foot, it took a bright spark to realise that there could be a better design than the one that had lasted centuries.


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