How to increase online sales the ASOS way

ASOS homepage Smarta

Know what belongs above the fold

Everything you need to know about ASOS is right there in front of you when you land on the site. You know it sells clothes, it sells them to young men and women, and that it offers free worldwide delivery.

You need to work out quick answers to what you sell, who you sell to and what your USPs are. Once you’ve got them, put them front and centre on your website. Internet browsers have notoriously short attention spans. A third of users abandon websites in less than five seconds so you need to let them know they’re in the right place quickly.

Get the right images

What do you see when you go to Tons of happy people wearing great clothes. That’s what its audience wants to be.

Think carefully about why people are coming to your site and what they’re looking for. Greet them with exactly that in vibrant imagery. If you sell sunglasses, get great pictures of people wearing sunglasses in a sun-filled holiday spot. If you’re a plumber, use pictures of luxury bathrooms to get browsers in the mood to splash their cash on your website.

Show people where to click      

Two boxes stand out on ASOS’ homepage, “view women” and “view men”. They’re simple, to the point and give every viewer somewhere to go. From there, it’s much easier to sell targeted products and raise your chance of a sale. On your homepage, make sure there is a clear first step for everyone to take.

ASOS mobile SmartaThink mobile first

As great as looks on a computer, it’s even better on a phone. There’s just one image and three options. One button to sign in, one for women and one for men. It does everything it needs to do and manages to look spacious and clean on the smallest of screens.

With one in four people buying on smartphones and tablets, your website needs to be mobile ready. Even if you think your website is ready to sell, is it ready to sell on the move?

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