How to make the most of Digital Storage

Businesses large and small are still at major risk of data loss as end users are ready to use commercially available mobile file sharing and synchronisation applications. To gain control of the situation, business IT departments need to look at the way digital data is handled.

‘Bring your own device’ (BYOD) is a phenomenon that is driving IT to change the way sensitive information stored, transferred and protected. Accessing your business network from a personal device is simple enough to achieve and it's likely that it will be used at some point to store company owned information.

For small business owners that use simple storage applications – they may be either free or not costly – after all, sometimes it’s worth taking advantage of the freebies. The trouble is, as small businesses grow they develop a need for somewhere truly safe and easily accessible to share and store critical and sensitive files and documents. Not only that, if something goes wrong they’ll want to speak to a person and not trawl through a heap of FAQs. Well, what’s the answer and how can you make the most of a digital storage solution?

At help4it we are sensitive to the travails of our small business customers. We’d recommend a pay-as-you-go file management option as this keeps costs low, gives you what you want and allows expansion when necessary. Our Business in a Box service gives you this freedom.

What can Business in a Box do for you?

  • Provide big company IT at small company prices
  • Simplify your support and simplify your billing
  • Put an IT department at the end of a phone
  • Deliver enterprise services with no CAPEX
  • Control and reduce your IT expenses.


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