One in five purchases made online – make sure your website is ready!

Online spending rose more than it did at any point in the last four years during December. Browsers are starting to open their wallets like never before and your website needs to be ready for it.

The start of the year is a great time to look at how you can improve your online presence. Can you reduce how many times a browser has to click before they buy? Have you tested out some different images of your products? Some small changes could make a huge difference to your sales if you’re bringing in a lot of browsers.

If your website is sound, your biggest priority needs to be getting people looking at your pages. Morrisons’ Christmas sales fell by 5.6% from last year and it blamed its abysmal performance on its lack of online presence. The same fate could be waiting for any small business that doesn’t put in the effort to grab a larger audience.

In contrast, Majestic Wines have gone down as a Christmas champion. Even excluding new stores, sales rose by 2.8% and chief executive Steve Lewis claimed it was all down to the revamp of Majestic’s website. He said the improved design had lifted “click and collect” sales over Christmas.

These stories show the importance of bringing in browsers to a sales optimised site. If you’re able to attract visitors to a page that works well and sells great products, 2014 is going to be an awesome year for your business.

We’ve got tons of resources to help you upgrade your online presence and user experience. Make sure you check out our guide to getting your business talked about and read our 10 top tips to sell more to your customers.

Whatever you do, make sure your business is keeping up with the spending trend. Having a generic sales page just isn’t enough anymore. You have to make sure you’re selling well and reaching the right people. A well designed, sales-optimised website is a great chance for your small business to grab customers away from the big name brands in your industry, don’t miss out!


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