The seven pieces of advice you need to hear when starting your own business

Your happiness is as important as your business

If working till the early hours every night makes you happy, then go for it. But, if not, you need to give the things in your life that make you happy the time they deserve. Relationships, hobbies and sports will keep you going when the business side of your life gets tough. Don’t neglect them.

If everyone says yes, ask someone else

Maybe your idea is full proof. Maybe you’ve got everything covered. But, maybe, there’s a problem you haven’t seen yet. If everyone says your idea is fantastic and doesn’t point out an issue, talk to somebody new. Never stop seeking advice and perspective; it could save your business one day.

One interview is not enough

Unless you have a unique talent for seeing into someone’s soul instantly, one interview is not enough to know if someone is right for your business. Your first team members are so crucial to your growth and brand reputation, they need to be right for the role, and that takes time to understand.

You can’t do it all

If you’re a one man band starting your own business from home, you might think that means everything falls at your feet. But, it’s time to get used to a new phrase: “I need a freelancer”. You can’t be all things to your business. Take any free help you can find, but don’t be afraid to pay out every now and again if you can afford it.

Don’t get too attached

Sometimes, a romance with your first business can last a lifetime. Other times, you need to spot when the time is right and make a dash for the door. At best, that can mean selling for millions. At worst, it might mean admitting the time has come to shut up shop and try business number two.

Be in it for the journey

When you start your first business, you’re bound to have a long list of goals to reach but these targets can weigh you down in the long run. Don’t feel the need to judge yourself by what you’ve achieved by a certain date if it doesn’t feel right. Enjoy the journey and learn as much as possible.

It’s going to be OK

It’s short, snappy and may sound overly simplistic, but it’s also the most important piece of advice you could receive. When you’re starting a business, you’re doing something awesome. Succeed or not, it’s going to be OK. Most entrepreneurs have a few failures under their belts before they strike gold. Learn what you can and come back stronger.


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