We should be teaching entrepreneurialism in schools

Squidpreneurs goal is to encourage young people to be more enterprising and entrepreneurial in their approach to (work) life.  It is important that different options and skills are made aware to people at a young age. It means they will have a broader spectrum of knowledge before hurling them into the careers office halfway through GCSE’s and asking them ‘what do you want to do as a career?’ I remember this all too well; a massive question that felt like the answer was going to define me for the rest of my life,  (it didn’t) and I had no idea what I wanted to do or even what my options were besides University… Starting a business definitely did not spring to mind!

We are very passionate about young people learning the necessary practical skills to understand how a basic start up business is formed and what it involves. Our goal is certainly not for every single student in the UK to start a business! But rather, empowering young people to see both sides of the working world i.e working for yourself or working for someone else. Also to teach students that even if you work for someone else you can be enterprising. School is the place where such skills need to be taught. This type of education at a young age is key to a successful economic landscape. We all know the days of 9-5 in the same job has long changed, thus so too should our career advice and options (change) to our young people.

 The following statistics from Start Up Britain highlight the huge importance of start ups for the economic environment of Britain; “According to Government statistics, micro and small businesses represent 95% of all companies and employ more than seven million people in the UK”*.

Knowledge is power and we believe that young people should be given the opportunity to learn about being enterprising and entrepreneurial so they’re better equip at making a more informed decision for their future.

Who is behind Squidpreneur

Squidpreneur’s ‘Realising Bright Ideas’ workshop is the brainchild of Viviane Jaeger and Emma-Jayne Parks, who run an award winning Design Company founded in 2008 called SquidLondon. They believe young people need a role model they can relate to from their generation living proof of the possibilities. They are running regular business workshops at Kingston University – if you want to know more about Squidpreneur get in touch over info@squidlondon.com. Squidpreneur is on Twitter and Facebook too – come and say hi

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