Cracking Cookies: Bringing taste and luxury to fortune cookies

What’s the story?

Cracking Cookies was established in October 2013 to fill a gap in the market and a long overdue personal frustration. Our sole aim was, is and will always be to hand craft the finest tasting fortunes cookies ever and to transform the once bland tasting and cardboard like fortune cookie into a delicious luxury treat and to transform an original concept, bring it up to date and launch it into the gift and celebration market.

Cracking Cookies have taken the original concept of a fortune cookie and transformed it into something that would make even Willie Wonka’s factory look boring!

Where did the idea come from?

I am and have always been a great fan of fortune cookies, but when I say fan I refer solely to the actual concept of having an unknown fortune message encased inside a cookie.

After many years and an awful lot of uneaten and discarded fortune cookies later and watching so many other people do exactly as I did, which was to excitedly and in anticipation crack open my fortune cookie but be very quickly disappointed by the bland and terrible taste and the cardboard like texture followed by quite often an uninspiring and obvious fortune inside.

My excitement and anticipation of my unknown fortune quickly disappeared and this is the inspiration behind Cracking Cookies!

Did you always want to set up your own business?

Yes, however the entrepreneur in me was not initially shown in the form of selling sweets etc in the playground. I have always been very headstrong, driven, determined and very passionate and focused on any goals I set myself in life.

I have never felt more satisfied than when setting up and running a business and the freedom it allows. I have a very creative side and being self employed allows you to take the reins and let those creative juices flow!

What’s the USP?

Delicious, 100% natural signature flavours of fortune cookies with various themed messages or complete personalisation crafted “To Give To Keep or To Share” The power of surprise is in your hands with our fortune cookies!!

How has the initial response been to the brand? 

We have had an overwhelming positive response to the brand, which is fantastic and has played a huge role in driving the business forward. “Why on earth has this not been done before” is a statement we often hear.

The real enthusiasm for our range of unique products, our 100% natural signature flavours, our range of themed fortune cookies and the full personalisation options we offer have really caught the attention of our great customers and it is this that has truly created the foundations for our growing brand.

We have actually created a fortune cookie sharing community where recipients actually start sharing around the different flavours and breaking pieces off to let friends taste their chosen flavour of fortune cookie. A fantastic transformation we would say rather than the alternative with those old bland fortune cookies where an obligatory nibble may be taken but then quickly questioning why they had just taken a bite!

Where do you hope to be in 12 months?

We have lots of exciting plans to grow the Cracking Cookies brand and to become a well known brand and choice within the gift and celebration market. After all why send chocolates when you can send delicious personalised fortune cookies! 

Our plans will include introducing our products to the retail sector, the launch of a new interactive website, exciting new product development and new seasonal signature flavour launches and focus on international  shipping.

What was the process of creating the flavours?

With our sole aim being to create  the finest tasting fortune cookies ever, creating our signature flavour list was very exciting. Innovation is one of our business drivers not just with the actual product development but also the creation of new flavours etc.

Each and every recipe is completely different for all our current 22 signature flavours and the process to create these involved weeks and months of experimenting with the finest natural ingredients and then taking our fortunes to our potential customers to undergo the taste test.

Our flavour inspiration also co insides with seasons and special occasions such as one for next summer will be our Earl Grey and Sicilian lemon and Passion fruit and Coconut with some of our exciting flavours for Christmas being our New Chai Spice and sweet vanilla partnered with our Cinnamon, Gingerbread and Apple Pie. 

Tell me about some of your fortune cookie creations to date?

With our fortune cookie creations you can enjoy our range  of themed fortunes or we have put the power of  surprise in your hands with our personalised fortune cookies.

From one personalised fortune cookie with a special birthday fortune stating “Happy 40th Birthday Steve you are going paragliding in the Alps to Switzerland. To 2 young  lucky girls receiving there fortunes stating there dreams had finally come true and they were going to Disneyland Florida in 4 weeks.

Our chocolate fortunes have contained winning golden tickets with a real surprise inside for the lucky recipient at a large chocolate themed celebration, and gone are the days of boring old raffle tickets, replaced with your winning prize on either a bronze, silver or gold ticket encased inside a delicious fortune cookie.

From a simple personalised message to a friend or colleague to a grand lavish celebration our fortune cookie creations are endless! 

Tell me about your product range?

Our fortune cookie creations come in many options from an individually boxed and personalised fortune cookie to our gift bags of 6 and our signature gift boxes of 12 and 24. We offer themed fortune cookies such as our dinner party range which include charades, conversation topics, what am I? and traditional fortunes.

Also our popular fun Unfortunate fortunes range which contains mainly traditional style fortunes with a few fun Un-fortunates thrown in for a few unexpected surprises. We also have our entertainment fortune range which are sure to create a few belly laughs and a memorable event! 

We don’t just offer traditional sized fortune cookies, we also offer our unique and quirky miniature fortune cookies which are an ideal bite size, half the size but still the full flavour! Our product range does not just stop here we launched our divine luxury chocolate Easter eggs this year filled with our chocolate inspired fortune cookies which went down a absolute treat with our customers.

This Christmas will also see the launch of our fortune cookie advent calendar one for the children and one for the Adults (Why should we be left out!) We are a creative bunch at have lots of fantastic and innovative product launches coming up.

What’s your favourite flavour?

This is genuinely a tough one. Overall the Orange and Cardamom is a winner for me but the Raspberry, Honey and Vanilla is a close second.... hmmm no maybe it’s the Caramelised but the Coffee and Salted Caramel I just couldn’t not class as a favourite.... Okay so maybe I can’t answer this with a straight forward answer. But we do have a solution to this problem..... But sorry it hush hush for now, but it is very exciting! 

Where is your product sold?

Due to the hugely popular aspect of personalised fortune cookies our website is currently our biggest route to market. We  are also a partner with Not on The High Street and sell a range of our products via them and have a great customer following via that platform too.

These are our main routes to market at present and this is working very very well for us. However we do have plans to launch into the retail market in 2015 with our themed fortune cookies, so watch this space.

Do you hope to trade overseas?

We do currently ship overseas and a lot of working is currently being carried out in this area to reflect the huge demand we have had with regards international shipping.

To find out more about Cracking Cookies or to check out their awesome range, go to Alternatively you can follow them on Twitter or like their Facebook page. 

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