Doisy & Dam: Making super delicious and healthy food accessible to the masses

Hi Ed, how did you go about setting up the business?

Richard and I had real jobs before we started Doisy & Dam. We’ve been best friends since we were 5 and one of our aspirations was to start a business together. After working for a few years we decided that no amount of experience could beat doing the real thing, so we decided to leave and start a business making a product that we believed in and most importantly, loved! 

We’ve been foodies for a long time, superfoodies for a little less time, but we wanted to create a product that had the nutritional benefits of natural, good foods and the delicious taste of an indulgent product. We didn’t believe in the idea that you have to sacrifice taste to create a natural and good food.

Sell the brand to us: why is it unique in the market?

We use superfoods and organic dark chocolate to create a taste that we don’t think you can beat while having a nutritional profile better than most chocolate. The superfoods create really interesting textures and flavours that are difficult to find in the existing market. We also hand make and hand package every single bar in the UK, so each bar is a little different and made just for you! Unless you haven’t bought our chocolate yet…then I guess it can’t have been made just for you.

What has the response been like from people? 

Almost entirely smiles. If we’re to believe what our polite customers have told us, then people seem to love our products! We’ve been growing pretty quickly and the demand for our products seems to be ever increasing. Fingers crossed people continue to enjoy and buy our choc.

What has been the best part of the journey so far?

1. Meeting all the people who work in our little world of food startups

2. Realising how right we were to quit our real jobs to come and do this

3. Learning more every day (really cheesy, but cheesy sometimes = true)

What has been the biggest surprise of the process of setting up a business?

How much people are willing to help. If you’re thinking of setting up a business and are worried about support you may have, I promise your friends and family will do whatever they can to help so you never feel like you’re quite so far out on a limb. Even my brother has been helpful and supportive, I think he wants something from me…

What are the major hurdles you have had to overcome?

Money! Cash-flow is tough to manage in a product-based business and you have to be pretty disciplined about spending and making sure you’re getting paid on time. We started the business on money we’d saved up which wasn’t very much at all. We had really high costs to start with to allow us to produce in small volumes, but we’ve been bringing our costs down and balancing our cash-flow bit by bit since we started.

Tell us something unexpected about the business:

Neither of us are Doisy or Dam, or Daisy or Dom, or Dosy or Dan (we get all sorts of interpretations). Doisy & Dam were two incredibly accomplished scientists who won the Nobel Prize for Physiology or Medicine in 1943 for their work on the discovery and science behind vitamin K. The discoveries they made lead to a much better understanding of health and nutrition, which is why we wanted to put them on the front of all our bars.

What is your favourite superfood?

Mulberries. They are superdelish and they’re really good for you. They’re great for a little snack or putting them in porridge, cereal or chocolate!

What’s next for Doisy and Dam?

We’re releasing our 5th flavour in two sizes in the next few weeks, then a Raw chocolate flavour to follow that early next year. Our aim is to move in to different food categories with the same theme of using superfoods to make delicious foods as good as they can be for you. We want to create a range of products that are synonymous with quality, deliciousness and natural goodness. But also world domination, that too.

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