The exclusive marketplace and social outlet for co-working guests

The project started by initially helping entrepreneurs, and their teams, find affordable and flexible workspace providers in 8 countries who have all guaranteed flexible billing, comfortable working environments and no hidden fees. 

But, from the very beginning Hector knew that there was still two other major pains for shared spaces, and the businesses based within them, that needed to be tackled.

And so, today he's proud and excited to be launching to take on these challenges, on behalf of the startups around the world.

The first problem that so many entrepreneurs face, is the continuous sourcing of trusted and affordable service and product providers, without having to waste their, or their teams', time hunting all over the web. offers an exclusive marketplace of affordable packages and perks, negotiated on behalf of all the guests within the network of independently owned partner spaces. 

By using bulk-buying, included's team can negotiate for exclusive prices, packages and terms, making sure offerings are really entrepreneur- and startup-friendly, and sustainable in the long-run.

The second problem has built up over time, mostly by accident, by the providers of shared spaces themselves.

In a world where you can keep updated with friends across the world from the palm of your hand and order a pizza and/or a taxi with the click of a button, it's ridiculous that you can't quickly and efficiently discover who is working around you. 

To remedy this, also offers a social outlet for all the amazing people, who are building projects and companies out of shared spaces, to connect with each other, regardless of whether they're in the same building, street, town or even continent.

It's an ambitious project but Hector is confident that they are on the right track. He said: "I've learned so much during the last 12 months, and believe that the time is now right to take the next step towards making sure that growing businesses can continuously get what they need, regardless of where they are based geographically.

"And we will continuously be pushing forward for them through".

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