NeonCandi: Engaging with your audience using native advertising

What’s the NeonCandi story?

NeonCandi was founded by myself, Scott Anderson, Grant Pettersson and Stuart Broadhurst. Grant had previously founded First Advertorials in 2010 and sought me for my branding experience in my last business, a video advertising business, Utarget which I sold to Newscorp. In turn I introduced Stuart who is a programmatic and exchange expert. 

How did the journey begin?

We all had the belief that native advertising offers superior engagement to an ad-weary audience. We found a technology partner, Respond after reviewing available platforms in the marketplace.   

What’s the USP? 

We provide access to brands to communicate in highly engaging ad-units that seamlessly integrate into the publisher page content. The combination of  the environment and our superior targeting suite has reported brand lift as much as 80x that of display or more interruptive video pre-roll. 

What’s been the biggest barrier and how did you overcome this? 

All three of us have been in the digital space for over a decade, and whilst our sector is open to change, it has been surprising how many agencies are adverse to extra work or working outside pre-ordained silos. We have overcome this by presenting the benefits to their client base. 

How important is brand image?

It’s our business!

What’s the biggest achievement?

As we enter our second operational quarter, our biggest success has been to find easy integrations with publishers direct into their existing DFP (Dart for Publishers) platform.

How important is it to create lasting relationships? 

We have all built great digital businesses in the past through delivering against our core pledges. Relationships matter, but this is only one of the ingredients of a successful business. Also important is pricing, fulfilment and service. 

Who are your main customers?

We work with all of the major UK agencies and a few direct clients. 

How do you differentiate from your competitors? 

We have a a few American competitors and one French. The former tend to bundle in a few advertisers together. We take a more premium approach to best fulfil brand advertiser expectations. The space is not as crowded as display or video, for now!

If you want to find out more about NeonCandi, check out their website. You can also follow them on Twitter or give their Facebook page a like.

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