Royal Baby boost to British economy

Businesses are already preparing for the craze that Prince George’s younger sibling will create following the announcement by the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

Not only will the streets of England celebrate the arrival of the Royal Baby, but businesses up and down the country will reap the rewards. 

We spoke to two British businesses to find out how how the baby will promote ‘brand Britain’. 

London School of Marketing

Anton Dominique, Chief Marketing Officer at the London School, said:

"The marketing impact of the next Royal Baby is going to be huge, not just for businesses in the baby sector but for 'brand Britain' as well.

"We all remember the scenes when Prince George was born. Britain was top of the world news agenda for more than a week and that had a phenomenal impact on tourism and british businesses overseas. Studies have shown that the young prince pumped between £250 – 350 million into the British economy.  

"If the next child of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge is a girl, I believe the impact is going to be even bigger, especially if it is called either Elizabeth or Diana. 

"Nostalgia is a very powerful tool in marketing and a new Princess Elizabeth or Princess Diana would, at least in advertising terms, outshine her older brother.”

And it was the birth of Prince George that junior fashion label benefited from. The new born was photographed wearing a personalised jumper similar to one of their products and their sales hit the roof. 

Daniel Price, director of said: “When Prince George arrived it gave the UK baby industry a huge boost. He easily became the most recognisable tot in the world and families wanted a piece of brand Prince George for their little one.

“When he was photographed with the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge wearing a personalised jumper, we sold out of a similar item in hours – that’s just how popular he is as a brand. 

“We’re expecting the new baby to have just as much impact as Prince George. People are eager to buy into the Royal lifestyle, and if we can help them do that, then we will.

“It will certainly give UK businesses a huge boost both here and overseas.”

What do you make of the announcement? What impact do you think the Royal Baby will have on the economy?

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