Shaa Wasmund: How to Create Commercial Partnerships That Boost Your Business

I like to be in control of my own destiny: that’s why I’ve always run my own businesses and will never work for anyone else. However, some of my greatest successes have come, and been accelerated by, forging successful partnerships.

Every business or project I start, I look for partners who can help me achieve more and enable me do less.

That’s not because I’m lazy or work shy, it’s because I’ve grown to understand when I try to do everything myself it tends to take longer and I end up doing less of what I’m best at and then my business suffers.

I can do twice as much with the right partner; move twice as fast and, more often than not, at half the cost.

I seek partners who can do things better; quicker; more efficiently; cost-effectively; or with greater impact or authority than I can do on my own.

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