SpaceWays: Storage in the City

What’s the story?

David Fuchs and Martin Twellmeyer, my SpaceWays co-founders, and I spent over a year looking at different markets and business models. We have known each other for over a decade and share the vision of building a great company that addresses real customer needs. When we realised that no one is truly solving the problem of a lack of space in major cities around the world in a convenient, affordable, and flexible manner we knew we had to get into this field. 

How does SpaceWays work?

SpaceWays provides an online on-demand storage service. Go to, indicate what you want to store and SpaceWays’ drivers will deliver storage containers to your doorstep for free. When you have finished packing the boxes are collected and stored in our secure storage facility. We can also store bulky items like bikes, skis and suitcases. When you want your items back, simply go online and indicate when you want your things returned.

Where did the SpaceWays idea come from?

A flexible solution to get more space was something we could have needed ourselves. My co-founders and I all lived in London and experienced the troubles of too-small apartments. I knew immediately that with SpaceWays we had the chance to make life easier for people around the world.

What were you doing before SpaceWays?

I had another Internet company and before that used to be a management consultant.

Have you always wanted to run a business or was it a case of exploiting a gap in the market?

SpaceWays is my second business and for me it is quite clear that this what I want to do. I always wanted to work on something I truly believe in. 

What’s the USP?

Our goal is to make storage convenient and very flexible. We take the “self” out of self-storage by offering a collection service and flexibly priced storage by the box. People can store everything from a few books or their skis to tens of boxes full of documents, clothes, or memorabilia with us. 

How have you found the initial response?

The demand is very high so far and what excites us is that lots of people who store their belongings with us would never have considered self-storage before. We are establishing a new market for people who value convenience and don’t have enough space in their flat.

You recently launched in Paris, was it always a plan to trade overseas?

We’re proud to have set up very sophisticated and secure operations in London and Paris by now. We also believe that many cities around the world would benefit from our service.

What was the thinking behind the branding?

Convenience and security are important. Our on-demand pick-up and delivery service linked with our secure CCTV monitored warehouse and our durable storage boxes meet these needs.

Where do you hope to be in 12 months?

Our goal is to make our service accessible to a broad audience, in major cities around the world.

What’s been the biggest barrier you have overcome?

I think for online business it is always trust. So for us operations have to be perfect. The point of contact on the doorstep has to be perfect and we did all we could to ensure that all items are treated like they were our own.

And the biggest lesson?

Think international. We have offices in London, Paris and Berlin. And we solve a problem that exists in many urban areas – so we want to take the chance.

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