Getting social – why is social media such a big boost for micro business?

Social media is as day-to-day as driving, eating – breathing, even, for some of us! So it may come as a surprise that when it comes to business, not everyone is engaging with the likes of Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus as part of daily practice.

Yet micro businesses must recognise the influence such a tool can have, and start embracing the power digital social platforms hold.

A survey conducted with Canada’s smallest businesses found that only 16 per cent of micro businesses use social tools such as Facebook and Twitter. The survey also found 80 per cent of micro business owners use mobile devices and apps but only 20 per cent use cloud-based tools, and even fewer use social media for business.

So what’s holding them back? Is it sheer lack of knowledge, fear of change? There is a wealth of advice available to you, from the ‘how to’ pages of Facebook and Twitter themselves, to YouTube tutorials and digital publications – every question is answered, so there is no need to feel the fear.

No matter how small your workforce, social media should be integrated into your workplace and not perceived as a specialist area, assigned to a department of a large company – instead, it can be part of everyday proceedings in your micro business, helping you to:

-        Make your business known. With more people than ever online, that’s where you’ll be found.

-        Maximise marketing spend. Bespoke websites come with a price tag – social is (mostly) free, and update automatically, which is another cost saving on development.

-        Make better use of your time. Less is more on social – don’t feel you need to spend hours a day Tweeting and sharing.

Whether a big business or micro business, what you want to achieve is essentially the same: increased brand recognition, lower marketing costs, improved search engine rankings, and more opportunities to engage with customers and prospects. Engaging on social media helps to achieve all of this, and more.

A trailblazer who recognises the importance of social media is Richard Branson, who maintains that whether you are launching a start-up or leading an established company, social media is vital for communication and presence, and that companies – no matter their size – should embrace the change social media brings. 

There’s no escaping; the nature of human interaction has changed. Social interaction now heavily relies on social media – face to face communication is still important, but virtual communication is the go-to for faster results, wider reach and more impact.

271 million monthly active Twitter users can’t be wrong, nor can 829 million daily active Facebook users. So get into the social sphere and start reaping the rewards as a micro business.

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