Roger Harrop: How to form the perfect team for a successful business

With over 25 years experience of leading international business at the highest level and mentoring many start-up and SME business owners, Roger Harrop is in a unique position to advise on current business challenges. 

Roger says “I truly believe that these are the most exciting of times for business, ever.  The playing field has been levelled between small and large businesses, and internationally which provides great opportunities.  There is, however, a new dynamic at play.  The fact is that mediocre businesses will cease to exist. Every business must provide exceptional products, services and the ultimate customer experience. In order to do this they have to employ exceptional people”.

His top tips on how to create, inspire and nurture employees offer any business owner a fresh, accessible and realistic approach to getting the best from their teams and as a consequence an opportunity to “WIN! And succeed in the new game of business”.

1. Recruit the best people: You cannot afford to have any passengers; you need to train people, encourage them, nurture them and develop them, but you need people who score 10 out of 10 throughout your organisation.

2. Genuinely performing teams are those that are many times the sum of their parts: Team performance stems from four things:

    • The people: skills and their behavioural profiles identified by one day assessment centres to evaluate talent 
    • The leaders: providing direction, motivation, organisation and structure
    • The relationships within the team: mutual trust, respect and support
    • The atmosphere and culture in the team

3. Share your values: The best talent has a choice today and will not work for an organisation whose values they don’t share; everyone in your company needs to be clear as to how you live by them and be constantly seeking to do better. 

4. Run a health check on your own business: How do you rate your company when it comes to what employees want? Do they know what their roles are? Is there discipline? Are they excited about coming to work? Do they feel praised? Are they scared? Do you impress them? Are they autonomous? Do they feel part of a winning organisation?

5. Technology unlocks opportunity and enables SMEs to run rings around Multinationals: appoint a chief technology exploitation officer on the top team before the year is out. Your CTEO will have a sharp understanding of the potential that’s there to be tapped by putting together the best of today’s technologies to differentiate you from the competition, grow sales, improve operational efficiency, engage employees and customers alike. 

Roger recommends using the Belbin Team Roles Model which outlines nine key roles within the perfect team.  You can find out more via this QR code:

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For advice on how to recruit and retain good people download Roger’s free white paper on “Seven Ways Not to Hire Turkeys” here:

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Roger Harrop’s book includes a free interactive app and QR codes which link to videos, white papers, animations and much more.

Roger’s book can be purchased on Amazon here.

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