Unlocking the power of the PDF with Nuance software

An alternative to Adobe, Nuance Power PDF software matches the same offering as its rivals plus useful extras. A sleek design and familiar interface makes it very easy to use but what impressed us most was the price; with the Advanced option costing you over £100 less than Adobe’s software.

But what did we love most about the software and how could you use it in your small business? Here’s our best bits:

Form processing

The ability to fill out a PDF form and return it makes everyone’s life much easier. As an employer, being able to store completed forms in one area saves time and keeps everything structured. When recruiting, applicants can use Power PDF to fill out the form, return it to the employer and the hassle is taken away.

Another great use is when collecting customer feedback, having one PDF form for people to edit and return will enable you to collate the data much quicker!

Convert from PDF to Word and Excel

Both packages allow you to easily convert to Microsoft Word and Excel while keeping the format of the files. Usually, if someone sends you a PDF that needs editing, it can be time-consuming finding a solution. With Power PDF, you can easily edit and convert files without losing the format - making work much easier. Amazing right?

While using the software, we were impressed by the simple features and how most of them save plenty of time in the long run so you can focus on other areas of the business. 

Add a digital signature to your document

As most small business owners know too well, requiring signatures from a client or customer can be stressful at times. But with both versions of Power PDF, you can add a signature box and simply direct someone to sign the document.

They can then easily send back to you and you could have a very important deal signed. It’s a god send to get documents signed in business and this tool is essentially a very important one.

Search tool

Power PDF’s search option was one of our favourite tools. It can be a gruelling process sifting through CVs when you’re looking for specific information. But having the option to search for something in the PDF file ensures productivity and improves time management.

Simply type the text or information you’re looking for and Power PDF will highlight the sections where it can be found. In Power PDF Advanced, you can automatically highlight, cross-out, underline or redact search results for faster, easier PDF review and editing.

Redact comments

The most impressive tool within the Power PDF Advanced version is the redaction tool. This option gives you the ability to permanently remove “sensitive” information such as social security numbers or email addresses from PDF documents, also known as blacking out information.

If you regularly send confidential information to investors, customers or suppliers, this option allows you to cover yourself and hide information you don’t wish to share.

Although some of these features are available in Adobe’s products, Power PDF Standard and Advanced meet the criteria of small business owners while offering extra tools and giving customers an enjoyable user an experience. A definite for Christmas if you want to give your business a productivity boost! 

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