How to make the right decisions for your small business

“Branding, for a small business, can be everything. How do you want to be perceived in the marketplace? Answering that question is a huge dilemma regardless of whether you’re a startup or a multinational company.

My wife asked me a few weeks ago to buy her a domain name for her new startup. I went online and I don’t think our five year old could have thrown a bigger tantrum when we found out that the domain she wanted was already taken. Lots of others were available, including .com, but, to my family, nothing was available that said local home-grown business like does.

So, this inevitably got me thinking about why we put such a value on over other well-used domain names. Is it always a patriotic thing? Or is it more of a marketing move? Is it that people feel comfortable buying from a website that has the same location as where they live? There are tons of options.

Eventually, I reached the conclusion that, when we part with our hard earned money, or trade with a business, we like to feel safe. Trading with a company that looks and feels like they are British and home-grown gives us a secure feeling.

It even extends to the point of dealing with larger multinational businesses. Take a bank as an example; we gravitate towards the variant of their website, rather than the generic .com. That’s why HSBC are using a and not just a .com.

That’s why virtualDCS has always had a domain name. The founders of virtualDCS have pioneered the development of the cloud computing industry for over a decade.  As one of the first companies in the world dedicated to cloud services, our customers are confident that they only receive the finest solutions and being a British business really adds to that confidence.

We believe that every business deserves the right solution, therefore our approach is to work in partnership with clients to ensure that their infrastructure is ready to exceed the service levels demanded by their business. We recently setup a new cloud based service that has a heavy skew towards its UK footprint, attracting customers that don’t want to have other countries looking at their data.

We may be a small island in the grand scheme of things, but those shores have a strong perceived barrier, and for many, is a great way of saying we are behind those barriers. That’s why, years after registering our domain, it remains a great choice for building a British brand that people love to buy from.”

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