Mark Zuckerberg’s guide to risk and $19bn bargains

“I actually think by itself it’s worth more than $19bn.”

That’s what Mark Zuckerberg had to say about his latest purchase at the Mobile World Congress. He thinks WhatsApp’s power to connect people is worth every penny, and more, despite generating barely any revenue.

“The reality is there are very few services that reach a billion people in the world and they’re all very valuable. I could be wrong. It could be the one service that reaches 1bn users and doesn’t become valuable.”

Zuckerberg went on to talk about when Facebook hit a billion users and how it changed the direction of the business. It’s not just about increasing its own audience anymore; Facebook wants to connect the world.

And that’s why Zuckerberg has taken a risk on WhatsApp and ploughed an astonishing amount of money into a business that isn’t delivering anywhere near that level right now.

We’re not suggesting you go out and find $19bn to buy the next big app. But, if you’re considering investing in your business to achieve a long-imagined dream, maybe it’s time to take some inspiration from one of this generation’s leading entrepreneurs and go for it.

Catch up with Mark Zuckerberg’s comments on his £19bn bargain here…

There’s tons of inspiration in the story of Facebook buying WhatsApp. Take Brian Acton for example.

The WhatsApp’s co-founder went for a job at Facebook in 2009. When he found out he didn’t get the position, he sent out this tweet…

Brian Acton smarta

Little did he know what was coming or where his business would lead him. If you’re working out how to bounce back from rejection, take note of what happened to Brian Acton and WhatsApp.

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