The British high-street isn't ready to step aside just yet

Shopping online has never been easier, with a patient browse around and in a matter of minutes you could have kitted out your bedroom or organised an outfit for a big night out.

But a report by Kantar Retail has found that though online shopping is convenient, 58% of shoppers prefer the in-store experience, with high stores able to offer a personal touch that e-commerce businesses can’t.

Websites such as eBay and have created a craze online, allowing creative small businesses to sell their products on the web to cusomers looking at their own free will. 

It’s a simple way to buy items but it takes the buying experience away from the customers. I mean, what’s more exciting; being able to browse in store and getting to grips with the product or viewing a few images and hoping for the best?

The rise of web-based business such as are important to our industries and have provided independent businesses with a platform to sell their products through its e-commerce model.

Online shopping has arrived on the scene with a bang but that doesn’t imply that the high street is fighting a lost cause - with 2,000 shoppers asked - it’s no doubt a positive time for independent stores looking to give their customers the number one service.

We all like a discount right? If you like to hunt for bargains then you're part of the 57% who are still hungry for a good deal and almost three quarters spend their time looking for promotions and discounts.

The change in our industries means that the high street will have to adapt too, and it's expected to be less-reliant on retail as hospitality and service facilities experience a boom in the market.

31% of shoppers did want to see more clothes shops on the high street, though 30% wanted a wider variety of artisan food and drink shops, however a major frustration for 54% were the parking facilities.

We’ve all been there when you want to quickly pop-in to your local store but you’re faced with the decision whether to risk parking on a double-yellow line or not.

But there’s never been a better moment to start-up and as figures show, it’s a great time to set-up an independent store and give the customers what they want.

The back to basics approach and the advantage of specialist staff in-store have an advantage over online businesses and this will benefit your brand in the long run. Customer service is invaluable and if you can master this, you’re on the right track.

If you run your own independent High Street store, leave a comment below and tell us what’s so great about your start-up.  

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