The most successful Twitter campaign ever

A week before 11 November, the day of the record attempt, a teaser tweet from the official Pocky Twitter account, @PockyPretz11, was released. It showed a Pocky fan with the Japanese characters for “sure victory” and introduced the hashtag #ポッキー1111 (#Pocky1111). 

By 10 November, the hashtag was already going wild. With a lot of promotion from Pocky’s Twitter accounts, and some help from a few partners, 460,000 Pocky related tweets were posted.

When the clock hit midnight on 11 November, @PockyPretz11 kick-started the world record attempt with another tweet. Following an initial peak, participation dropped and then grew steadily throughout the day, peaking again at 9pm. 

Pocky’s midnight tweet remained the most shared message of the day, but other messages using Vines and images grabbed huge attention too. Throughout the day, people’s interaction with the campaign switched from original mentions to retweets. 

On 15 November, Pocky confirmed it had broken a new Guinness World Record. 3,710,044 were enough mentions to send Pocky into the history books.

Pulser measured the spread of the campaign and made this great video to show how the mentions grew throughout 11 November...

The secrets behind the campaign’s success

According to Pulsar, the ingredients for a record-breaking Twitter campaign include…

Cultural relevance is key

Pocky is already an extremely popular brand in Japan and the product is very easy to purchase, so it was easy for people to get involved, as there was no lack of awareness or availability to overcome.

Keep barriers to participation low

People didn’t have to think up anything clever to say, they could just tweet “I ate some Pocky” or simply retweet. Ability to participate at scale is also relevant – people could tweet or retweet hundreds of times and this legitimately counted towards the record. 

Tap into existing cultural codes

Pocky had a pre-existing suite of memes around it (the Pocky Game, where people eat Pocky with a friend, and ASCII art depicting the snack food). Consequently people ‘knew what to do’ when Pocky Day arrived – they didn’t have to work out what to say from scratch.

Use visuals to boost engagement

Almost all top re-tweeted messages contained images: @PockyPretz11’s specially created images and Vine videos for the campaign, user-generated photos of people playing the Pocky Game and anime and web comic images referencing Pocky. 

Leverage influencers

Finding and bringing the right influencers on board with your campaign is critical to its success. In Pocky’s case the influencers were people in anime/manga fandoms who proactively produced high quality visual content (sketches, comics), which inspired people to retweet.

Cross-overs with other events on the day

Coincidental cross-overs with other events that day, e.g. anime character Azunyan’s birthday provided another spur for people to create content. 

Lead the discussion

The @PockyPretz11 Twitter account successfully drove the discussion throughout the day, receiving far more retweets than any other account and ranking top for visibility (reach).


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