Why a tube strike can’t stop start-ups

Small businesses are more flexible than the bigger competition. While the established names lose time waiting for replacement services and climbing aboard the wrong bus, you can be getting ahead and figuring out how to take advantage of being an awesome, small and flexible business. Here are our three top tips for staying flexible.

The remote meeting

Need to brainstorm ideas and work together? That’s no reason to fear the train strikes. With a long list of ways to connect from anywhere, your meeting can happily go ahead on schedule. Google Hang Outs, Skype and even an old-fashioned conference call are all great substitutes for the face to face meeting. If it goes well, you might never use the meeting room again.

Everything you need, everywhere 

As long as you’ve put in the thought ahead of time, everything you could need to have a productive day can be with you at home, at a coffee shop or even in a park. Evernote and Dropbox are ready and waiting to take the weight of the software and documents you need to have at all times in order to power through your to-do list, no matter where you are.

Editing from a distance

Need more than one set of eyes on a blog, press release or update for your website? No problem. With Google Docs, multiple people can write and edit your content simultaneously, no matter where they are. 

Working at any hour

If train delays, or any other delays, throw a spanner in your normal working day, another beauty of working for a small business is that the work can be done at any time. Need to start your evening journey early? Get up and get working early. Want to avoid the rush and travel late? That’s fine, keep working a little late to catch up. At a start-up, time is no obstacle to getting the job done.

How are you making the most of the train strikes?


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