Go from business idea to trading business in 30 days, FOR FREE

This means each day for 30 days you’ll receive a training video hosted by Smarta founder, Shaa Wasmund, with resources and worksheets to help you launch your own business. The course has been specifically designed to super charge the development of your business and take your from an idea to a business that’s ready to start trading and growing.

Week by week breakdown

  • WEEK 1 – Establish a foundation

This first week is about working on your business model until it’s at its best. We’ll take you back to the nitty gritty again: What is the problem and how are you solving it? What is your pricing structure and can you AND your customers afford it? Do your customers actually need you?

  • WEEK 2 – Elicit trust and credibility

In your second week it's all about creating trust and credibility by creating a consistent brand experience; we go through everything from understanding your own skills, to your brand, the brochure and lastly your sales channel.

  • WEEK 3 – Engage the market

The third week is about building relationships by using what you've just created. It's about engaging your customers, your partners and your network through regular personalised messages.

  • WEEK 4 – Execute and deliver

The last week is about being on top of your numbers: Insurance, Legal, Accounts, Employment Contracts, Cashflow – does it all stack up?

This exclusive offer is to celebrate the launch of our latest product, The Smarta Business School.  For more information and to access your free module, head to www.smarta.com/smartabusinessschool.


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