The great West Midlands rush: Why we’re moving our small businesses to Birmingham

With start up success stories including Droplet, Whisk and Soshi Games moving into Birmingham to find a permanent home for their businesses, here are five things drawing our entrepreneurs out west.

Local Tendering

Small businesses in Birmingham are given every possible chance to land huge contracts with Birmingham City Councils. This is the perfect kind of support to transform the future of small businesses in every region and something that should definitely be replicated across the country.

If you want to see how it easy it is to pull in a life-changing contract, check out Find it in Birmingham.

The best business events 

If entrepreneurs are gathering in a region like Birmingham, you know great events will be somewhere near by. Birmingham has a ton of brilliant venues and loads of entrepreneurial speakers filling them out every month.

For some of the latest examples, check out this event from the Achievers Academy for Women, or see if you can make it to our very own event here

Space to grow

One of the main factors of start up success in Birmingham is that it has the space for it to happen. With an overabundance of affordable office space available, entrepreneurs are able to choose the perfect location for their team to expand as they get ready for fast growth.

Research from found that the cost for firms to move into the city decreased by 35% in 2013. We all love start ups getting going out of the spare bedroom, but it’s great to see them being given the chance to reach out and grow.

A whole lot of funding

However you’re trying to get your business going in Birmingham, there’s someone on hand to help you. If you’ve got a viable business on your hands, someone will be waiting to put money into it.

If it’s equity funding you’re looking for, Finance Birmingham is leading the push to invest. However, if you want to get up to £10,000 from the government backed Start Up Loans funds, make sure you check out this free event out to see if it’s right for you.

Targeted support

Organisations in Birmingham make a big effort to ensure every entrepreneur is supported in the right way. Matching people by age, industry and location, business owners come together and receive the right kind of encouragement for them. 

The Princes Trust is heavily involved with helping entrepreneurs under 30 around Birmingham, while older business owners can find help from the Senior Enterprise Programme.


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