What stops you being good at selling?

Why does this happen? The clue’s in the words desperately, craving and frantically.  The biggest trigger of turning customers off your business is ‘needing a sale.’ It’s the equivalent of bad breath or worse.  It’s as if in your business is wearing an aftershave that reeks of desperation and sends customers clambering away. 

When we feel we our success depends on us needing a sale, our intelligence and marketing knowhow get thrown headfirst through the window and our animal instinct takes over.  This is what happens the moment desperation kicks in:

  • Talking first— You launch into your sales pitch without even taking time to understand the problems of your customer.  Not only does this annoy people, it wastes your time. You need to be sure the customer needs your product first. 
  • Talking most – Talking over your customer and talking more means you’re trying to establish yourself as the expert.  The outcome is usually the opposite. In the customers’ eyes, you’re talking about selling them something, without really understanding them. Let the customer do the talking and you can spot what trigger points might persuade them to buy. 
  • Closing to sell—Rushing to close a sale without giving the customer time to sit back and think about the offer is a huge no-no. When under pressure to make a decision, most people’s reaction is that of a deer in headlights. No decision is made.

The good thing about the habits above is there’s a simple antidote to the disease of sales desperation.

  • Focus on giving out value and not taking. Never have making a sale your only aim.  Instead, focus on how you can help the customer solve their problem. This instantly changes you from a sales-person to a problem solver. The key is to speak to people who have a problem your product can solve.

If you’ve made it all the way to the end of this article, my guess is you’re interested in sales. If you’d like to know more about sales tips that can help grow your business take a look at our new offering – The Smarta Business School.


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