12 Top Online Business Tips From Wix, Linkedin and Facebook

First up to present was Olivia, SMB Aquisition Manager at Facebook, and founder of The Little Gym. It was great to get tips from someone who not only knew the in’s and out’s of Facebook but also ran a business herself.

The main facebook business page tips I got from Olivia were:

1. Know what you want to get out of your facebook ads. Brand awareness? Leads? More page likes? Engagement? Without knowing what you are trying to achieve you can spend money and time investing in the wrong ads

2. For great content, ask your customers to send you images of them enjoying your product or service that you can use on your facebook page

3. The best way to gain engagement on your page that Olivia had seen work was to post a great piece of content and then click and pay to ‘boost post’

4. To grow your fans, download a CSV file of your customers, then upload them to facebook to ask them to ‘like’ your page

I couldn’t let Olivia get away without asking her what small business owners were supposed to do with now only 6% of their page fans seeing a post organically. Her answer was that Facebook is getting more and more competitive between businesses, and it’s being engineered to only show you posts that the algorithm ‘decides’ you like. In order to reach a maximum audience, you will need to spend some money on reaching more of your fanbase. Organic reach alone is not enough! This isn’t great for us small business owners with small budgets, but used effectively Facebook can be a great tool. Just go into it knowing that you will need to spend a bit of money to get results.


Second up was Chris Brown, Head of UK Relationship Management at Linkedin. Chris gave some great business advice on how to build an engaging linkedin profile and use their business page service to promote your product or service. Here’s what I picked up.

1. People will look at your own personal profile over your business one. So make sure it’s engaging and a good representation of your brand

2. Your Linkedin page should not be a cut and paste version of your CV. This is a place to show your personality

3. Use a headline that’s NOT your job title, to again show your personality and interests

4. Use the maps tool to see what industries most of your connections lie in. This way you can see if you have a wide enough range of contacts to launch a new business

Overall, Chris’ advice was to make sure your personality shines through on Linkedin. People who use it to recruit or make connections are forward thinking and don’t just want to see ‘another CV’. This is great for your own personal profile and that of your business, as its founder.


Finally, the Chief Marketing Officer of Wix, Omer Shai gave us a few pieces of secret inside info on how they have created a brilliant brand and landing pages that have over a 50% conversion rate!

1. Wix segment their audience on registration by interest / industry. So if you say you’re a musician, they will then send you an introduction email of an example page for a musician. This means that customers are seeing things that they identify with

2. They have some serious SEO going on, with thousands of different landing pages customised with a headline of the exact keywords that each user is typing into search engines

3. They showed us their brilliant social media streams and talked about the important of using a different style for each channel. i.e instagram had pics of their team in the office, and Facebook was more conversational

4. ‘Brand is not enough’ said Omer. They have had to continually work on having high performance features and SEO to drive their business


As you can see there were some really varied pieces of content here, and the Q&A after the presentations had a highly engaged audience with hands in the air and queues to speak to the panel after the presentations.

I hope these tips can be useful to your business, and I thoroughly recommend going along to a future event. We will have some one to one interviews with each panel member coming over the next few days so stay tuned!





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