5 ways you can apply marathon training techniques to running your business

There’s no doubting that running 26 miles in a month is hard enough, let alone in one day. So the feeling of relief and realisation of achieving something great is undeniable. If you’re not running the London marathon this weekend, it’s likely you’ll be glued to the sofa watching it.

But just because the extravaganza is over, it doesn’t mean you have to forget all the hours spent training. Here’s five ways you can apply marathon training to your small business.

Set goals

As you train for a marathon and put in the hours to get fit, the goal is pretty obvious right? It doesn’t matter what time you get but it’s all about reaching the finish line and adding the gold medal to your trophy cabinet. As an entrepreneur, you have to set both individual goals and business goals to secure success.  It doesn’t matter how big or small it is but always have something to aspire to and have a reason to wake up raring to go.

Look at the bigger picture

You should always have a reason to do something otherwise there’s not much point doing it. When running a marathon, it’s either raising money or achieving something you’ve longed to do. As a small business owner, you should apply the same approach and have a reason for running your own start-up. It may be that you’ve seen a gap in the market or you’ve finally realised a dream that can be fulfilled.

Sell yourself

Running a marathon is usually about raising as much money as you can for a charity of your choice. In order to boast as much cash as possible, you have to sell your story and promote the reasons you’re doing it. Apply this same principle to your brand and you’ll be on the road to success. Your audience want to know why you’re so great and what makes you different to your competitors. Make sure you can explain your business in one sentence and perfect your pitch.

Set-backs should spur you on

You won’t have to go far to talk to a marathon runner who has sustained an injury or two. But we’re pretty sure they’ll also tell you that it didn’t stop them from making the finish line. Things aren’t always going to go the way you want but you shouldn’t let this discourage you and put you off doing the things you love. After all, who wants it easy? Let a set-back be more of a reason to succeed and add it to the stories for the grandchildren.

Bide your time

When starting your own small business, you shouldn’t expect success to be instant. If you begin the marathon by sprinting, you’ll be knackered after a mile and we doubt you’ll finish the race. Set yourself reasonable targets and make them realistic so you’re not under too much pressure to achieve them. It’s important to be patient too and grab an opportunity with both hands when it jumps out at you. 


No matter what your start-up is, these techniques could be the difference between being an average business and standing out in a crowded industry. If you have any recommendations then let us know in the comments box below! 

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