App of the Week: Lift

What is it?

Not only does this application lift your mood but it’ll potentially lift your performance in your start-up and leave you in a much better place. Buffer's founder Joel Gascoigne uses the app and maintains the importance of having habits within business.

You create a profile which you can access though your mobile or online and decide on the goals you wish to test your wits against. With thousands to choose from, Lift provide step-by-step guidance on what to do next and coaches you to achieve them. 

It stores the data, keeps you up-to-date with the progress made and allows you to connect your profile with social networks so your friends will know what you’re achieving too. Lift works through positive reinforcement and makes sure that you’ll keep the habits.

Who is it for?

You, you and YOU. Who doesn’t want to lift their mood? Whether it’s a personal goal you’ve been craving to beat for years or something you feel will benefit your business’ performance in the long run, Lift appeals to everyone. 

If you’ve become accustomed to skipping breakfast, the Eat Breakfast goal will help you make the early morning meal a habit and potentially give you a new lease of life. We’re all happy chappies at Smarta and think this app is a great motivational boost. 

How will it improve my day-to-day? 

Apart from making you feel bit better about yourself, it helps you beat goals that you thought were impossible. Remember that dreaded word? It’s like having a personal coach willing you on but without the scary voice. Instead, this application notifies you of your next task and makes you impossible to defeat. 

Daily reminders that tell you you’re on the right path will make you feel great about yourself. It doesn't matter how small they seem, slight lifestyle changes could have a big impact on your personal and work life.

Do I have to pay? 

Is this app right up your street? Well it just got even better because it's all free. You can sign up for through the website and the apps are free to download. Bargain, eh?

Where can I use it?

Available as a web-based application at

Available as an iOS app and compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch (requires iOS 7.0 or later)

Available as a Android app (BETA version) and compatible with Android devices (requires version 3.0 or later)

Currently no version for Windows Phone and you can use it on the internet. 

Stay tuned next week for another productivity app that you can use in your business. 


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