Free digital marketing webinar with Mark Attwood and Shaa Wasmund

Register here for all the tips and tricks from two entrepreneurs who know how to get noticed online!

In the run up to the Smarta 100 Startup Bootcamp together with O2, Mark Attwood and Shaa Wasmund will put everything you think you know about digital marketing to the test with this free webinar.

They'll discuss their top secrets to making money and building an audience online. All you have to do to learn from these speakers (who normally charge £100s for an hour of their time!) is to sign up for this free webinar and make sure you tune in next Tuesday, 6 May, at 20:00.

You won't regret it! In fact, it could be the day you look back on, when you're business is a huge success, and think "that's where I learnt everything I needed to know"!

Are you in the early days of your business or is it time to ramp up your efforts online? You need to be in this webinar.

Mark and Shaa will cover:

  1. How to use digital marketing to grow an audience you can actually sell to 
  2. How to cut the time you spend on your emails, but still increase open rates and click through rate
  3. How to turn a random web browser into an addicted fan who will buy anything you're selling

This webinar will include actionable tips you can put into practice as soon as it comes to an end. It isn't about discussing how cool digital marketing can be, it's about giving you the power to change the way you interact with people online and increase your profit.

This is a unique chance to learn from Shaa Wasmund, a pioneer in female entrepreneurship who has built up an audience in the 100,000s from nothing. Her digital marketing decisions have turned into Britain's biggest resource for small businesses with a growing audience of over 500,000 users. She will tell you what she's done right (and the mistakes she's made) on the way to become a successful entrepreneur and best-selling author.

Joining her is Mark Attwood, a digital marketing wizard and founder of Attwood Digital. He will reveal to you what he has already shown hundreds of entrepreneurs: any business in any industry can build an audience with the right digital marketing. He knows exactly what it takes to get your business selling through better engagement with your audience.

This is a webinar you cannot miss if you want to take your business to the next level or kick start sales. The advice will come from experience and will be delivered in a way to help you start using it the very same day!


And then join Mark and Shaa at the Smarta 100 Startup Bootcamp with your ticket here


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