Guest blog: 5 ways to boost your Ad's Click-Through Rate

If you’re using AdWords or other pay-per-click plarforms to promote your products and services, you should always be looking to improve the conversion rates.

The most obvious ways of doing this is to change your headline and body copy, and swap out the image, but here are a few more general techniques:

1.     Link the search term, content of your ad and landing page together

Your conversion rate will increase when the terms the customer searches for are not only in your ad, but in the landing page, too. So make sure your sales funnel is consistent. This way you smooth the customer’s path from having a problem they need solving to finding a solution.

2.      Don’t assume the top 2 positions are more profitable

When your position on Google moves up, you’ll not only attract more customers, but more visitors too – and there’s a crucial difference. Many of those visitors will not be serious buyers. The top 2 positions on Google are the favourite haunts for these people, together with those who aimlessly click on everything just because it’s on top, so the top 2 positions won’t always results in a higher CTR. I normally aim for positions 4 - 8 myself.

3.     Be crystal clear about your goal

What’s the purpose of your campaign? Are you trying to sell a single product, sell a low-ticket product with the aim of generating lucrative back-end sales, or just generate opt-ins for future marketing? Be clear and precise about your goal. For example, don’t send people to a sales page that has an opt-in form on it. If you want to build a list, create a separate ad campaign specifically for that purpose.

4.     Split-test your ads

It’s absolutely vital that you split-test your ads. This simply means putting two ads head to head in the same ad group. You let the ads run for a while and then look at the results. You then take the winner and pitch it up against another ad, and repeat the process again.

5.      Use tracking tools to monitor conversions

There are many useful tools for tracking conversions, which you can use to improve your ads over time, and increase your profits. The first conversion tracking tool you can use is already available within your AdWords account – and it’s free!

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