How to build a website and increase traffic with a small business loan

We all know how crucial it is to launch your business with the right website. It needs to look great, function without errors and, most importantly, offer a flawless user experience. But you can’t make that happen without the funds to employ great designers and programmers.

Here’s David telling us how much cash he got from a small business loan to develop the website he needed…

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David also mentions how important it is to find ways to bring in more people to his website. When you’re running a social media or content business, it’s all about getting people joining the site and reading your blogs. But how can you make that happen?

ConnectSME had some ideas, but, as David says in our second video, it was his connection with his Smarta Start Up Mentor that let him bounce those ideas off someone in the know. His mentor gave him honest and constructive feedback that set David on the path to pull in the perfect audience for ConnectSME.

To hear what the mentoring you get with a small business loan can do for you, as well as why David would recommend Smarta Start Up Loans, watch this video…

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For more examples of what a small business loan can do for you, check out KupKase


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