Kasey searches for a slice of cake heaven!

If you’ve ever created a new product, you’ll know that selling to retailers like supermarkets, particularly Selfridges, is the holy grail of achievements. It’s not just about having the product in front of a huge audience. Having backing from a big name gives your brand new found clout.

To hear from Kasey herself, watch her explain why Kupkase is setting its sights on Selfridges.

We’ll stay in close contact with Kasey now that her business is growing with a Smarta Start Up loan. She received £10,000 in business funding, plus mentoring from an entrepreneur in her industry who has helped her to hit the goals she’s targeting.

We believe that, with the funding and business mentoring she’s receiving from the Smarta Start Up team, the doors to Selfridges and tons of other great opportunities will soon open for Kasey!

Hear why Kasey decided the Smarta Start Up team were the right people to help her grow her business here…

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