Smarta Mugshot: Nima, Head of Marketing


Nima Kafai, Head Of Events and Marketing

What is your typical day filled with?

My job is to increase membership to our different products throughout our site and increase the visits to and our sister sites. I try to optimise the conversion rate of our website visits and registrations and thrive to make these numbers higher at all times. I also look after non-commercial partnerships to find organisations with brand values we would align ourselves with and work out how collaboration will bring value to both our audiences.

I do everything from finding speakers for our events; organising our awards ceremonies; taking care of our online advertising; and being the official FIFA champion of the Smarta office.

I am always hoping to have a chat with those interested, so make sure you follow and tweet me @NemoKafai

Have you ever started your own business or are you thinking about starting one?

I have a video games event company. We host events in unique and exclusive places around London, like night clubs, theatres and next we are looking into a cinema! That would be amazing playing on that big screen.

I also run a beard shampoo business called Beardpoo!

If you had to be stuck on an island with someone from the Smarta team who would it be and why?

Our COO, Matt. He has a get sh*t done attitude. So we will survive and if not we will have a wicked laugh before we drop out ha!


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